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About us

Shortlist Web Solutions are passionate about web design and helping businesses to connect with customers. That’s our mission and it’s why we started our company.

Whether you already have a website and require an overhaul or need a brand new site we can help.

Every member of the Shortlist team has studied computing including website applications, human computer interaction and computing for business and understand the needs of businesses in the current digital marketplace. We are professional and strive to provide value for our customers.

We only design bespoke websites and work with companies collaboratively to ensure their needs are fully met. We tailor your website to your specific needs and it will be unique to your business.

We are also perfectionists! We only release work that we are 100% happy with.

Shortlist can help with the copy and content of your site. We can create completely new text for your site or work with you to make the copy you produce optimised.

What else can we offer?

There are many companies in the current marketplace that offer website design, however Shortlist are also able to offer websites built in Arabic, English or Both.

In the current business arena this can be a major benefit for companies looking to trade with Arabic speaking countries and vice versa.

Shortlist is an ethical company made up of a diverse mix of ethnicities including native Arabic and English speakers. This means your site won’t be simply translated using something like Google translate but will scan and be optimised in both languages by people who understand your needs.

Shortlist Web Solutions are also able to offer SEO, website maintenance, social media marketing and hosting.

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