Do I need a business website?

Your website is your online shop window. It is how the world views your company and is often the first port of call for people trying to find services or who have looked into your company directly. Most users will gain all of their information from your site and in many cases the entire process of dealing with your company will be completed online. This is why your site is so important. For example, if you own a store your business can go from local foot traffic passing your shop to the whole of the UK or even the world.


We only release sites and products we are 100% happy with and that we feel gives you the best platform to reach the widest possible market. This, in turn, gives you the opportunity to maximise the chance of the right people visiting your site and hopefully turn those visits into profit!



Do Shortlist update my website for me?

In our Silver and Gold hosting packages we include 2 or 4 hours of work on your website each month. This covers you for minor updates to content without the worry of large or unexpected bills. After this we will bill changes to your site at £40 per hour.

This is perfect for seasonal changes, changes to staff teams in your company or product updates.

how am i doing

Can I see how my website is doing?


There are many analytical tools that help us keep up to date with where traffic is coming from to reach your site.


This can be vitally important, it tells us where you could improve or if there is an avenue that needs to be focused on to increase traffic to your site.

We can also use tools when advertising to focus your ads to customers that will be most likely to purchase your products. This means less wasted budget on marketing to the wrong people.

How do I know I'll like my website?

 At Shortlist Web we want you to be happy. We only release products we are 100% happy with and we want you to feel the same way.

We work with our clients to ensure that we give you a site you can be proud of.

After all, you put all of your effort into your business and it should be displayed in the best possible way.


Why should I optimise my site for mobile?

 The use of mobile phones is now the most popular form of accessing the internet. We will make sure your site is fully optimised to be used on mobile phones and will provide a seamless experience for your customers.


How long will it take to build my website?

This can be a difficult question to answer, as each website is different.

Running a business can be very time dependent. Things can move and change rapidly and you need a service that will be timely and reliable. At Shortlist we will endeavour to give you realistic timescales for projects and then work within these times. We won’t promise something we know we can’t deliver in an effort to gain your business. That would make us look bad and leave you disappointed, not a very good long term plan!

If we are going to be late we’ll let you know as soon as we can and work with you to find a solution.


Why is a multilingual site important?

 So, post Brexit, the world is our oyster!

Many businesses will be looking for new business opportunities outside of the EU and a massive new market is the Middle East.


At Shortlist we have a huge advantage in that we already have established links in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan. We also have a native speaker of Arabic and therefore we are able to offer sites in English, Arabic or both.


Why is an English and Arabic site important?

For businesses which are established or looking to establish links in the Middle East this is hugely important and could be all the difference between getting into these new markets and missing out.


Shortlist Web Design are dedicated to helping you to expand your business and support UK businesses by promoting international links.

Should I use social media for my business?

 We all know how important social media is. It is absolutely vital that your company is communicating and letting people know what is happening on Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram, etc.


This creates interest in your business, creates natural traffic to your site and will help with your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) ranking.


Shortlist Web can help you with this, we will keep your social media up to date, remind you if it drops off or we haven’t heard from you (we understand you are busy and social media might not be the first thing you think about!).

Just let us know what is new at your business, including competitions, new products or services and we’ll upload it for you.


We can also help you with the options available for advertising on social media platforms in line with your budget.

As always, if we don’t think social media will be of benefit for you then we will let you know, we never sell anything we don’t believe will benefit your company.


Can Shortlist Web help with my content?

 It is vitally important to have good copy and content on your site. We want to help you to get across how great your business is and why people should use you. However, it is also important for your website ranking to have great text on your pages and to make sure this is optimised for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

This is where Shortlist Web can help. Whether you are great at writing or creating content or or if it’s not really your cup of tea, we can help. We can create text from scratch or we can proofread for errors.


Google check for content on websites, this is to ensure they return the best possible results for their users. Google also want to provide a great user experience for their visitors and therefore want the sites that rank higher to provide the information the user is searching for. 


Essentially this is how Google operates and why people use it, as we know Google has become  slang for internet searches and for many people it is the default search engine. This is why your content is so important, you could have the most amazing and technically designed site, but if your text does not answer what people are looking for it will be incredibly difficult to take full advantage.


Copywriting (Creating text) and content checking is charged at £40 per hour.


Why should I include a blog on my website?

 We will be including our own blog about why you should be blogging. To cut a long story short, it helps release content from your site and build natural visits to your site, good huh?

We can publish blogs for you included in the 2 hour update feature of our Silver and Gold packages.   Alternatively, if you want us to create your blogs, just let us know and we will be able to do this for you.

 Blog writing is charged at £40 per hour

Should I use Google advertising?

Google advertising can be great. No matter what people say, there is no shortcut to getting your site to the top of the rankings. There are a number of underhanded tricks and tactics, but if you are found to be using these then you may get removed from Google altogether, not good, right?


However, Google does give you a chance to compete with the big players, and that is through Google advertising. Here you are able to set a budget and bid for getting your site more views.


However, this can be a little tricky and here at Shortlist we can help guide you through this and get value from this investment or manage it for you.

Can Shortlist help with graphic design & logos?

At Shortlist Web Solutions we work with UK based designer Jaqueline Simester to design logos, colour schemes or themes for new sites. We are able to integrate seamlessly to ensure your new logo and style is consistent for your online brand.


Jaqueline Simester