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Multilingual Websites

So, post Brexit, the world is our oyster! Many businesses will be looking for new business opportunities outside of the EU and a massive new market is the Middle East. At Shortlist we have a huge advantage in that we already have established links in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan. We also have a native speaker of Arabic and therefore we are able to offer sites in English, Arabic or both.

For businesses which are established or looking to establish links in the Middle East this is hugely important and could be all the difference between getting into these new Markets and missing out.

Shortlist Web Design is dedicated to helping you to expand your business and support UK businesses by promoting international links.

Secure Websites

It can be very off putting for visitors who click on a site only to find that it isn’t secure! We will use reliable tools to make your site as secure as possible. Nothing is un-hackable, but we will endeavour to make your site as close to it as we can.


Mobile Friendly



The use of mobile phones is now the most popular form of accessing the internet. We will make sure your site is fully optimised to be used on mobile phones and will provide a seamless experience for your customers.


This can take a bit more work than you might first imagine and at Shortlist we’ll take the time to ensure your site looks it’s best whichever type of device it is viewed on.


We’ll also make sure content is arranged so that it can be displayed and viewed easily on mobile or desktop.

Bespoke websites

Shortlist Web make bespoke websites to ensure that your needs are met. We build a new website for every customer.

Bespoke websites include building your site to your specific needs. Every business and every site is unique and at Shortlist we’ll take the time to make sure your needs are fully met.

This might include content, layout, whether your site is e-commerce or any other requirements, we’ll help you get your website ready.

At Shortlist we are able to use the most modern tools available to meet your needs.