Shortlist Web Story

Shortlist Web Story

The Shortlist Web Story

So, what to do when you finish Uni? Well when you study computing the general route is to start finding work at one of the large multinational companies and begin your career. And for lots of people this is ideal. However, if you want to do something else, what are the options? For us at Shortlist Web we decided that we were placed in a unique position to expand and fulfill a role in a relatively competitive market.

The guys at Shortlist had already studied website applications, website design, business for computing and human computer interaction and therefore had many skills which could be used in the current marketplace. 

Alongside this we have a very international and multicultural team. Here lies the key to how we are able to place ourselves in a niche position. As business becomes more international following Brexit the Middle East is becoming a major market for many British companies and vice versa. There are many companies which require their websites to be in both English and Arabic and with members of our team being native Arab speaker we are able to create an authentic experience for visitors from both the UK and the Middle East.

So, it was during a normal day when we were discussing how website design had become a cheap start up for many people who did not necessarily have the skills to work in this arena. Whilst I would never criticize our competitors who offer a great service there are others out there who seem to think that because they own a laptop they can be website designer. Anyway, I digress, we felt that we were able to offer a competitive service at a price that would represent good value for our customers.

The next logical leap, as we are a group that contains different nationalities and cultures, was to offer website design services to companies or individuals who needed their sites to be in either English, Arabic or both.

We are also placed in Buckingham and therefore able to service a large area, including the city of London, so can provide these sites to cutting edge companies looking to expand ing some of the most exciting markets in the world.

And there you have it! We were off. We started doing the business background stuff, bank accounts, accountants, networking and now we are moving on to the exciting bit of building your website and helping you to expand your business.